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Random quotes

its time for you to choose
the bullet or the chapstick
or you are far too cute
..or whatever he said

you [thought] you were there
to guide me ; you were only in my way
you're wrong if you think that i'll be just like you

careful now you're so beautiful
when you've convinced yourself
that noone else is quite as beautiful

take me back, back
back to the disaster
my heart's beating faster
holding on to feel the same

lie to myself while i lie with myself
its Monday and its raining
its sunday in the sun
its so good, but would it be so bad
if you were to pretend
that you were so happy

lets finish these drinks
and be gone for the night
cuz im more than a handful you'll see
so kiss me im shitfaced

and i know its hard to make this work
when you're all alone

if gave you pretty enough words
could you pain a picture of us that works
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